There are many ways that you can support me leading up to and during my time on the DTS, but 2 of these ways are with prayer and financially. I am extremely grateful for any support I’m given. Thanks in advance!

Prayer Support

I would really appreciate your prayer support over the next few months and the months that I’m away. A few things that you can pray for are:

  • For a fulfilling DTS, that I might grow close to God over the months I’m there.
  • For God’s blessing, that he might bless me and anyone else involved in the DTS. Including those that we meet who aren’t doing the DTS.
  • For provision, that God might supply for me when I need him.
  • For a safe flight to Australia and back, and also for a safe flight to the outreach location and back.

Financial Support

The cost to fly out to Australia and take part in the DTS isn’t cheap so any financial support is really appreciated.
Below are some ways that you can support me financially.

  • Through my Just Giving Page
  • Through Paypal
  • Through a direct bank transfer to my bank account. Contact me for more details